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Theology on Tap 2 August Why Luke’s Gospel terrifies me

The theology on Tap presentation on 2 August is on the theme, Why St Luke’s Gospel terrifies me

DIDUNO – A website to promote Australia’s Christian Heritage

The DIDUNO website has been set up to research and produce authentic stories related to our Christian Heritage which are compatible with the Australian Curriculum.

It was established by Graham McDonald, the Executive Officer of The DIDUNO Network Phone 0403 190 103 

Further information can be obtained from: Graham McDonald

Richard Attieh  will be taking over the DIDUNO Network and information about Richard can be found at.

It includes valuable insights into the Christian face on our $20 note,  

 and $50 note

and famous companies like Coles, Arnotts, Cadburies and many Global and Australian companies. 

Society of Biblical Literature 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Dear SBL Members,

For the first time ever, the Annual Meetings hosted by SBL and AAR, will be virtual! We are excited today to announce that the 2020 Virtual Annual Meetings will be going online November 29–December 10 and we invite you to join us in this exciting event.

What can you expect from the Virtual Annual Meeting? It will follow the same principals of core experiences that have made the traditional Annual Meeting successful. It will also create new possibilities for members previously unable to attend. Using our Mobile App (and/or desktop planner) developed in previous years, this new technology will allow you to:

·     Plan your schedule — The session schedule listed here is being developed to allow for a truly global participation.

·     Participate in both live and pre-recorded sessions

·     Connect with your community — Although it can’t be face to face this year, the 2020 Virtual Annual Meetings will still offer a mix of opportunities for education and networking with your peers.

·     Virtual Book Exhibit Hall — 24-hour attendee access to the exhibition hall and booth content.

If you haven’t used the app in previously years, don’t worry! You will have lots of opportunities to learn and experience the virtual platform ahead of the conference. Special training will also be provided for presenters and participants.

If you had already registered for the meeting, your registration has been transferred to the 2020 Virtual Annual Meetings and there is nothing you need to do. If you have not yet registered and would like to do so, please go here.

As we make this shift to a virtual meeting, there will be many questions to answer and details to fill in. We have developed an FAQ with answers to some of those questions, and we will continue to update it as those details become available. Be sure to monitor your email for updates from the Annual Meetings Team. For more detailed questions, please use the contact information below.

With the challenges of this unprecedented time also come new opportunities, and we look forward to providing an exceptional meeting for all members.

Best wishes,

2020 Virtual Annual Meetings Team

Program questions, contact –

Registration and logistics, contact –

Membership, contact –

Exhibitors, contact –

St James’ Institute Sydney is seeking a new Director

St James’ Institute in King Street, Sydney, is seeking a new Director.
The Institute is the educational arm of St James’,
initiating events and public discussions around
Christianity and contemporary issues, within the
liberal broad church tradition.
The next Director will have an opportunity to
expand the Institute’s reach and to take it to a new
level. They will need to have an understanding
of theology and education, an ability to network
and be creative, an enthusiasm to initiate ideas,
and be effective at marketing and administration.
Applicants may be lay or ordained.
Applications close on Friday 21 August 2020.
A brochure outlining the position and an application
form are on the St James’ website
St James’ Anglican Church is a significant Sydney institution
and its church building is the oldest in the city.