UQ Seminar Friday May 25 Wesleyan Reflection on Euthanasia and Educating Leaders for Christian Eco Mission

Friday May 25, 2018
2pm –4pm
Room E319 in Forgan Smith Building University of Queensland

Who’s Body, Who’s Life, Who’s Decision? A Wesleyan Reflection on
Personal Autonomy, Interdependence and Euthanasia’
David McEwan. Respondent: Dean Smith
The current debates in western cultures on assisted dying are usually framed as human rights issues centred on personal
autonomy – the rights of an individual to make absolute decisions about their own lives. This absolutizes personal choice
above all other considerations, making it the bedrock value of western culture. This paper reflects on a Christian
(especially Wesleyan) evaluation of such a secular framework, and argues that the essence of personhood is located in
interdependence, not autonomy. This interdependence is centred in our relationship with both God and neighbour, and
leads to a brief consideration of how this might help to reframe the current debate on euthanasia.
‘Educating Leaders for Christian Eco-Mission’
Clive Ayre. Respondent: Neil Pembroke

A primary purpose of theological education relates to Christian leadership; in particular, what is needed is education for
a more holistic approach to mission leadership. In theological terms, Christian mission includes Earthcare as an essential
element rather than as an “optional extra”. The potential of a theme of reconciliation, involving ecumenical, interfaith
and community aspects, is enormous. A function of theological education will be to help motivate future leaders to
move beyond an anthropocentric approach to theistic biocentrism, to see excess and “the trashing of creation” as sin,
individual and corporate, related to greed and the self-centredness of humanity. It involves expanding our awareness of
an issue about which Theology has something to say. The aim is to ensure that all leaders in mission, including clergy,
have at least a basic awareness of the validity and potential of eco-mission, with the practical and theological issues involved.

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Theological Schools Conference in Brisbane 1-4 July

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS) Annual Conference is being held in Brisbane – 1-4 July 2018

To be held at Emmanuel College – University of Queensland,

Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia QLD 4067

Sunday evening 1st July to Wednesday 4 July 2018

Conference Theme –    Sacrifice   

ANZATS Conference 2018 Special Interest Groups. A range of papers will be presented in the following special interest groups:

Lukan Scholarship. Convenor – Convenor Dr Sarah Harris ( )

Learning and Teaching Theology. Convenor – Dr John Capper ( )

Karl Barth Studies. Convenor – Dr Michael O’Neil ( )

The book of Revelation. Convenor – Dr Jon (

Studies in worship and liturgy. Convenor – Kieran Crichton

Missional leadership and issues in practical theology. Convenor – Dr Darren Cronshaw, (


Further details about the conference can be found at

Registration for the conference can be made at

Call for Papers – The Australian New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS) conference in Brisbane

The Conference Planning Committee is pleased to invite all members of ANZATS, and the theological and wider academic community to submit the title of their proposed presentation at this conference. Proposals should be 250-300 words in length and include your full name, title, institution/s, location, email and postal address, and previous and current studies and presentation experience.

A diversity of other topics are covered, including Theological education,  Learning and teaching, Practical theology and missions, worship and liturgy, Lukan scholarship and Karl Barth.

Proposals for each of the following special interest groups should be sent directly to each convenor:

1 Lukan Scholarship. Please address submissions to the convenor of this forum, Dr Sarah Harris (

2 Learning and Teaching Theology. Please address submissions to the convenor of this forum, Dr John Capper (  Les Ball, Bruce,

3 Barth Studies. This forum will cover all aspects of Karl Barth study. Please address submissions to the convenor of this forum, Dr Michael O’Neil (

4 Missional leadership and other issues in practical theology, The coordinator is Dr Darren Cronshaw, (

5 Darren Cronshaw – research into theological education

6 The book of Revelation. The coordinator is Dr Jon Newton (

7 Studies in Worship and Liturgy. The coordinator is Kieran Crichton (

The Conference Theme of the keynote speakers is     –    Sacrifice  –

A diversity of other topics are also covered, including Theological education,  Learning and teaching, Practical theology and missions, worship and liturgy, Lukan scholarship and Karl Barth.

The conference speakers are Professor Andrew

McGowan from Yale.  His topic will be “Inventing Sacrifice: Gift, Ritual and Violence in the Bible and Christian Theology.”

The second speaker is Frank Macchia who teaches Theology and Church History at Vanguard University. He is editor, of PNEUMA: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies.

His topic is – Baptized in the Spirit and Fire: A Reflection on Luke’s Pneumatological Theology of Atonement. For details please see

2018 ANZATS Conference proposal b     

Details of the ANZATS conference can be found at –

Order from Chaos: Bach’s Heavenly Dance

The acclaimed pianist Keith Birchley will link theology and art in a talking concert. The recital will be held from 7pm to 9pm in the Stevens Bonnin Room at Emmanuel College on the evening of the 10th of November. Please RSVP for this event.

Keith’s presentation will examine the interaction between the piety and work of the most explicitly theological musician in the history of western music. Using Luther’s celebrated description of polyphony (i.e. music with several distinct voices sounded simultaneously) as a ‘heavenly dance,’ Keith will demonstrate and perform five of Bach’s Preludes and Fugues as well as the French Suite # 5 in G major. It will be seen (or rather heard!) that the ‘dance’ of polyphony is integral to Bach’s art and faith and leads the listener into the great doctrines of creation, redemption, sovereignty, and atonement. Whether to have your mind stretched, your faith strengthened, or your heart uplifted, come and join us for a unique evening.

Launching Paul Tyson’s ‘De-fragmenting Modernity’ with Dr Charles Ringma

Dr Charles Ringma will speak about Paul Tyson’s new book, De-fragmenting Modernity  and why its message is important.


From the back cover:

“We live in a strangely fragmented lifeworld. On the one hand, abstract constructions of our own imagination – such as money, information, and mathematical models – are treated as important objective facts. On the other hand, our understanding of the concrete realities of meaning and value in which our daily lives are actually embedded – love, significance, purpose, wonder – are treated as arbitrary and optional subjective beliefs. This is because, to us, only quantitative and instrumentally useful things are considered accessible to the domain of knowledge. Our lifeworld is designed to disintegrate knowledge from belief, quality from quantity, and ‘mere’ reality from the mystery of being. This book explores two questions: why should we, and how can we, reintegrate being, knowing and believing?”

Dr Paul Tyson is the Director of the Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society and has written a number of books on the relationship between the lifeworld of modernity and a Christian understanding of reality.


Position available – Academic Registrar at Sydney College of Divinity (SCD)

The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) seeks an Academic Registrar to coordinate student support and administration across the consortium of teaching bodies delivering SCD undergraduate and postgraduate awards. Duties include student policy development, implementation, and review; student achievement tracking and analytics; compliance and reporting; competitor analysis; leadership of the
SCD registrar network; and graduation arrangements.

The person appointed will be expected to start 2 January 2018 or sooner.
Application deadline Monday 30 October 2017.
Enquiries and full position description: Prof. Diane Speed, Dean and CEO,

Academic Registrar Ad


Dr James Alison – an internationally acclaimed Catholic theologian Thursday 28 Sept and Friday 29 Sept

FREE PUBLIC LECTURE: Love in a Time of Terror’ with Dr James Alison

Thursday 28 September, 6.30-8pm

Royal Qld Geographical Society, 237 Milton Rd, Milton

Abstract: In an age marked by terrorism, much focus is placed on the efforts of police, military and intelligence to prevent or counter violence. But what role is there for love in an age marked by extremist violence? What is erotic love? What is agapeic love? What is “romantic” love? And how can love be understood within a theological anthropology, using René Girard’s mimetic theory?

Biographical information: Dr. James Alison is an internationally acclaimed Catholic theologian, and author of numerous books, including The Joy of Being Wrong, Raising Abel, Knowing Jesus, Faith Beyond Resentment, Undergoing God, and Jesus the Forgiving Victim. For more information, please go to:



DAY SEMINAR: Girard’s Mimetic Theory: A Short Guide with Dr James Alison

Friday 29 September, 9am-5pm

St Francis’ College, 233 Milton Road, Milton

This seminar provides an introduction to the French-Catholic theorist, René Girard (former professor of Stanford University and member of Académie française), whose theories on desire, violence, religion and Christianity have been ground-breaking.

The seminar will cater for beginners and for those who are more advanced. The seminar will be interactive, with workshops and groups led by Dr James Alison, Rev. Prof. Scott Cowdell (Charles Sturt University), Assoc. Prof. Chris Fleming (Western Sydney University), Dr Carly Osborn (University of Adelaide) and Dr Joel Hodge (Australian Catholic University).

Cost: $100 (unwaged), $70 (concession), free for students.

Book at