Prof David Clough on Animal Ethics Fri 7 June at St Francis College

A public lecture by Prof David Clough on
The Challenge of Animal Ethics
Friday 7 June 7 pm at St Francis College
233 Milton Road Milton animal ethics.jpg

A Public Lecture with David Clough, Professor at University of Chester:

Putting Your Faith to Work with Mark Greene on July 12 -13

Perhaps you’ve heard that there is an exciting and important Australian Tour on the horizon (, featuring the Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity(LICC), Mark Greene.  As former marketing executive, and also Vice Principal of the London School of Theology, he’s a world leader in “Putting Faith to Work” and Whole-Life Discipleship.

Check out the Brisbane events from Friday – Saturday July 12-13 here,


(1) Friday breakfast with business folks, on “‘Living a different story in the workplace'”

(2) Friday 10am-3pm Church Leaders Seminar on:

  • Session 1: Building a whole-life discipleship church culture + tips for worker-friendly churches

  • Session 2  Church gathered – shaping worship and preaching to support whole-life discipleship

  • Session 3  Church scattered – how to equip and support Christians to be even more fruitful on their frontlines

(3) Friday 6:30-9:00pm Workplace Roundtable for theological educators and church/parachurch leaders, with meaty conversations over dinner at a restaurant (tba), asking the hard questions about how church, theological education and workplace can work better together for maximal kingdom witness and whole life discipleship. Mark will cast a vision for 2025, describing what it *could* look like, and we can then engage and critique the vision, considering steps from here to there.

(4) Saturday 9am-3:00pm Putting Your Faith to Work Conference, aimed at Christian Workers, Church Leaders and Theological Educators, exploring:

  • Session 1: Reading the Bible through Worker’s Eyes

  • Session 2: Reading & Transforming Workplace Culture

  • Session 3: Evangelism in the workplace

We’re still finalising the where and when and costs for these events, but Murray Wright as tour coordinator has worked very hard to find sponsorship so that these events are way underpriced, with maximal value.

Hopefully you can hear my heart in this … far more than just another event, I truly believe this is pivotal at this cultural juncture, and incredibly strategic for leaders at every level to engage. I’m hoping you may both attend, and promote these events among your networks for maximum impact.

In particular, for those theological educators and denominational/ministry leaders among us, please consider coming to the Friday night dinner that I’m hosting (block your diary, with details to come), for Mark has just finished a multi-year international consultation with theological colleges about how to better educate for whole life discipleship, and build meaningful links between church, academy and marketplace. I value your input, to spur on this crucial conversation.

Find out more –

David Pitt  |  Email  |  Mobile  0407 571 100 (City Bible Forum)

David Benson  |  Email  |  Mobile  0491 138 487 (Malyon College)

2019 Ed Conrad Memorial lecture –  James Crossley on the fate of the Bible in the English Radical Tradition

James Crossley, Professor of Bible, Society and Politics, St Mary’s University, London, is giving the 2019 Ed Conrad Memorial lecture at UQ (room 116 in the Sir Llew Edwards bldg.) on Wednesday May 29that 5pm. His topic is the fate of the Bible in the English Radical Tradition.

From the Peasants’ Revolt to Jeremy Corbyn: The Fate of the Bible in the English Radical Tradition

The University of Queensland’s School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry invites you to join us for the 2019 Ed Conrad Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor James Crossley, St Mary’s University.

The Bible has been an ongoing feature in English political radicalism. While such uses of the Bible did not begin with the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, this particular revolt has commonly been seen as a convenient starting point. In this talk, Professor Crossley will use the Peasants’ Revolt and its reception to look at which biblical texts have been used, remembered, forgotten, and rethought in the English radical tradition. He will look at the ways in which historical and cultural contexts (e.g. the emergence of the labour movement, the tensions between revolutionary and parliamentary socialism, Cold War, folk music traditions, declining church affiliation, and Brexit) have helped frame the ways the Bible, Englishness, radicalism, and the Peasants’ Revolt are currently understood and used in English political discourse.

Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019

Time: 4.45pm for 5–6.30pm. The lecture will be followed by a post event reception from 6.30–7.30pm.

Venue: Room 116, Sir Llew Edwards Building (#14), The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus.

UQ studies in religion seminar Friday 26 April

Two interesting seminars his Friday 26 April at 2pm and 3pm in E319 in the Forgan Smith building.  First up is Bruce Pass, whose paper is entitled The Servant-Queen Herman Bavinck on the Place of Theology in the University.  Followed by Jennifer Wakeling presentation entitled Transformational Christ-world Encounter via instrumental Music Performance within Christian Worship.

UQ research seminar this Friday at 2pm Rob Fringer on Isaiah’s Servant in Galatians

You are invited to the UQ research seminar this Friday 22 March, Rob Fringer at 2pm in E344. E344 is just down the way from E319 where we usually meet and is opposite the School Office. Rob’s topic is ‘Reverberations of Isaiah’s Servant in Galatians: Aspects of Believers’ Salvation, Corporate Healing, and Incarnation in Paul’s Language of Call/Calling’

ANZATS conference at Carey Baptist College, in Auckland, from Monday 1 July until Wednesday 3 July.

The ANZATS conference this year is hosted by Carey Baptist College, in Auckland, from Monday 1 July until Wednesday 3 July.

Paper proposals are due by March 30, 2019.

You are invited to the next gathering of ANZATS and the theology colleges on March 29 with Doug Green on Genesis 1:1-8

You are invited to the next gathering of the staff of the theology colleges in Brisbane and gathering for a presentation by the Brisbane branch of the Australian New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS)

On March 29

at Malyon College, 53 Prospect Rd, Gaythorne QLD 4051.

doug green

The guest speaker is Prof Douglas Green who is speaking on

“‘In the Beginning God Created Heaven and Land’: A ‘Heavenly’ Perspective on Genesis 1:1-8.”

Please pass this on to others who may be interested

Douglas Green is Senior Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew Exegesis at Queensland Theological College

Originally from Sydney, Doug lived in the US for 33 years. His PhD (Yale University) is in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature and he taught Old Testament at Westminster Theolgical Seminary in Philadelphia from 1992 to 2015. In 2016, he returned to Australia and now lectures at Queensland Theological College.

“‘In the Beginning God Created Heaven and Land’: A ‘Heavenly’ Perspective on Genesis 1:1-8.”

The opening words of Genesis 1:1 (traditionally, “In the beginning God created …) continue to be hotly debated. On the other hand, there is a virtual consensus that the final words of the verse (again, traditionally, “the heavens and the earth”) are a merism that refers to the entire cosmos. In this paper, however, I propose a different reading of the second half of the verse, namely, that it refers not to the creation of the entire universe but to two distinct realms within it: the invisible dwelling place of God (“heaven,” rather than “the heavens”) and the place that will eventually be inhabited by humanity (“the land”) and that this creative act occurs before the beginning of the seven days of Genesis 1. I will then seek to show how this reading of verse 1 influences the interpretation of the following verses (e.g., meaning of tōhû wābōhû in v. 2, the source of the light of Day 1, the absence of the approbation formula – “God saw that it was good” – from the account of God’s action on Day 2)

This is a valuable opportunity to catch up with fellow lecturers in ministry and theology from across the city, and to learn further insights about teaching from the Old Testament. Please pass this on to others who may be interested.

You and a representative from your college are invited to the business meeting that will precede Dr Green’s presentation from 12.30 to 1.20 followed by Dr Doug Green at 1.30 to 3.00 and afternoon tea to 3.30.

The ANZATS conference this year is hosted by Carey Baptist College, in Auckland, from Monday 1 July until Wednesday 3 July.

Paper proposals are due by March 30, 2019.

I look forward to keeping in touch, and catching up.
Kind regards