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free eBook from on The First Christmas with FREE registration to Bible History Daily

In this free eBook from, expert Bible scholars and archaeologists offer glimpses of the first Christmas as recounted and understood by those who first told the beloved story. You will be sent a link to download a copy of The First Christmas: The Story of Jesus’ Birth in History and Tradition and they offer you a FREE registration to the Bible History Daily newsletter, bringing the world of the Bible and archaeology directly to your inbox. Your FREE registration to Bible History Daily introduces you to community discussions on fascinating topics like the Dead Sea Scrolls..

Theology and the Marvel Universe book

Engaging in dialogue with theological thinkers such as Willie James Jennings, Franz Rosenzweig, Søren Kierkegaard, René Girard, Kelly Brown Douglas, and many others, the chapters explore a wide variety of topics, including violence, sacrifice, colonialism, Israeli-Palestinian relations, virtue ethics, character formation, identity formation, and mythic reinvention. This book demonstrates that the stories of Thor, Daredevil, Sabra, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Thanos, Luke Cage, and others engage not just our imagination, but our theological imagination as well…

Online conference Theology at the Borders UK 12-14th April 2021

The line up of speakers for online conference Theology at the Borders UK includes Professor Rachel Muers from Leeds Uni, Andrea C. White from Union, Revd Dr John Bradbury, Casey Strine, Joshua Ralston. A detailed conference programme will be available in March 2021,..

$800 scholarships to attend the July 2021 ANZATS conference at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle WA.

Three scholarships are being offered to HDR candidates and doctoral graduates valued at $800 each to attend the 2021 attending/online ANZATS conference will be held at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle WA..

ANZATS conference 2021 at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, WA on 4 to 7 July

The 2021 attending/ online ANZATS conference will be held at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle WA. The main theme is Theological Ethics, Keynote speakers : Professor Brian Brock, King’s College, University of Aberdeen Dr Megan Best, Institute for Ethics and Society, University of Notre Dame, Australia. Other streams include Lukan Scholarship, Barth Studies, Apocalyptic Literature Studies In Worship And Liturgy, New And Emerging Scholars World Christianity and Diaspora Theology, and Catholic Epistles. ANZATS and the conference planning committee I am pleased to invite members of ANZATS, NZATS and the theological and wider academic communities to submit a proposal for papers at the 2021 ANZATS conference. We particularly welcome papers on the conference theme of Theological Ethics, but will also accept papers on other topics related to all theological disciplines. There are also a number of specific streams which you might consider submitting a paper to. The 2021 Conference will proceed, though they will continue to monitor the situation with respect to COVID-19. If the Conference in Perth is unable to go ahead as planned, the Conference will be offered online, and all presenters will have an opportunity to present their paper to the Conference. .

Practical Theology as a Practice of Hope Whitley College Lecture, Online, Monday, 7 December, 6:30 pm

Practical Theology as a Practice of Hope Whitley College Lecture, Online, Monday, 7 December, 6:30 pm–7:30 pm AEDTReverend Professor René Erwich.Practical theology is meant to be a practice of hope that interacts and connects with the complexities of our life and world today. Starting from core theological convictions regarding hope, education, formation and research are practices that contribute to new wisdom. In order to do so, practical theologians work together with others in intradisciplinary communities and networks that connect to our present challenges.Join on Zoom When: 7 Dec 2020 06:30 PM

Assistant Chaplain position at Taren Point) NSW

.St Phil’s Anglican Church (Caringbah) Taren Point) NSW with the support of Anglicare, is seeking to employ a passionate Assistant Chaplain to join the Ministry Team. This role provides assistance to the Senior Minister and the Parish Village Chaplain, based at Anglicares Woolooware Shores Retirement Village Chapel (Taren Point)

Australia’s Peter Harrison Gifford lectures

Australia’s Peter Harrison delivered the Gifford lectures in 2011 They consider the way in which religious concerns have shaped the study of nature over the past 2000 years, with a particular focus on the changing boundaries of science and religion. The lectures can be viewed online here.

David Fergusson’s Faith and Its Critics: A Conversation is written in response to the new atheists,

..David Fergusson’s Faith and Its Critics: A Conversation  Gifford lectures, Oxford University Press, 2009 is written in response to the new atheists, especially Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. Fergusson regards it as incumbent on Christians to give an answer for the hope that is in them and in this sense his book is certainly an apologetic work. In engaging the new atheists on their own territory Fergusson turns in his second chapter to discussion of the credibility of religious faith.  He begins by cautioning against the reductive understanding of faith as an assent to intellectual propositions deployed by many of the new atheists. Instead he argues that faith is a personal trust which motivates a whole set of intellectual and moral commitments and transforms an entire way of living.

Rev Professor David Fergusson, has been appointed as the new Regius Chair of Divinity at the University of Cambridge

.Church of Scotland theologian and former parish minister Rev Professor David Fergusson, has been appointed as the new Regius Chair of Divinity at the University of Cambridge.