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Practical Theology

Bruce Allder

  • Position: Principal, Lecturer in Liturgy, Pastoral Theology and Practice, Nazarene Theological College
  • Research Interests: Video Conference Teaching; Role of Context in Preaching and Teaching
  • Publications

Aaron Gihloni

  • Position: Director of Studies: Ministry, Mission, and Leadership, Trinity Theological College
  • Research Interests: Contextual Theology;  Religious Pluralism;  Leadership;  Missiology;  Christian Religious Education
  • Publications

Christine (Earl) Gough

  • Position: Lecturer, Distance Education Coordinator, Citipointe Ministry College
  • Research Interests: Human Physiology and Behaviour, Philosophy & Theology, Balancing life and ministry.
  • Publications

Gerard Hall

  • Position: Associate Professor in Theology, ACU
  • Research Interests: Christology, Theology of Mission, Interfaith Dialogue, Practical Theology, Marist Studies
  • Publications

Jeremy Hall

  • Position: Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Director of the Centre for Ethics, Newington College, Sydney; Sessional Lecturer (RaVE), St Francis Theological College
  • Research Interests:
  • Publications

Maeve Louise Heaney

  • Position: Lecturer in Theology, ACU
  • Research Interests: Music and theology – theological aesthetics; Faith and culture, Spirituality, the arts and performance; Lonergan – Method in Theology; the Ascension.
  • Publications

Carol Hebron

  • Position: Sessional Lecturer (RaVE), St Francis Theological College
  • Research Interests:
  • Publications

Glenda Hepplewhite

  • Position: Lecturer / academic coordinator, Citipointe Ministry College
  • Research Interests: Pentecostalism; Women’s Studies; Feminism. (PhD Candidate ACU An Investigation of Pentecostal Women in Ministry and theological education; dialoguing with feminist theology.)
  • Publications

Sam Hey

  • Position: Lecturer & Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Citipointe Ministry College
  • Research Interests: Biblical studies, Church history and sociology, Worldview, Interactions between science and Christian faith, Organizational management, Leadership.
  • Publications

Marika Kaloutsis

  • Position: Lecturer / diploma of ministry social justice coordinator,
  • Citipointe Ministry College
  • Research Interests:
  • Publications

Brian Mulheran

  • Position: Principal, Cititpointe Ministry College
  • Research Interests: Lukan Studies in New Testament; Christian Leadership; Practical ministries.
  • Publications

Doug Stevens

  • Position: Rector, St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Mt Gravatt; Sessional Lecturer in Practical Theology, St Francis Theological College.
  • Research Interests:
  • Publications

Terry Veling

  • Position: Senior Lecturer in Theology, ACU
  • Research Interests: Practical Theology
  • Publications

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