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Call for Papers

Symposium on Theology, Spirituality and Cancer 

School of Theology, Faculty of Arts, The University of Auckland and Laidlaw College, Auckland 

20-21 February, 2014 at the University of Auckland (City Campus)

The Theology, Spirituality and Cancer symposium is an interdisciplinary meeting exploring dialogue between theological (including biblical), religious, philosophical, spiritual, healthcare and pastoral arenas. The symposium will be of interest to academics and practitioners,including religious ministers, chaplains, counsellors and healthcare practitioners in related areas. It will address issues such as theodicy, cancer therapies, end of life care, pastoral issues, and insights a theological, religious or spiritual perspective can bring to an understanding of all aspects of cancer. These areas will be explored through presented papers, keynote addresses, and a public lecture. It is intended that the symposium result in a published volume of essays.

Proposals for papers are invited on any aspects or themes related to those below. Papers should be 30 minutes in length with an additional 10-15 minutes discussion.

  • cancer and the problem of evil
  • health, therapy and saving power
  • ritual, prayer and cancer therapy
  • anger, guilt and forgiveness
  • spirituality  and pastoral care
  • religion and the experience of cancer
  • competing myths, conflicting authorities
  • cancer and creation
  • cancer in eschatological perspective

Applications to submit a paper should include:

  •  Proposer’s name, institutional affiliations and contact details (preferably email);
  • Title of the paper;
  • 200-word abstract;
  • Details of any audio-visual equipment you will need to deliver your paper.

Applications to be sent by 16 September 2013 to:

Dr Tim Meadowc roft (tmeadowc roft@la i dl aw. ac. nz)- Laidlaw College

All other enquiries and information:

Dr Caroline Blyth (c.blyth@auckl ) – School of Theology, The University of Auckland

Dr Stephen Garner ( s.garner@auckland . ac .nz)-School of Theology, The University of Auck land Website:

Christina Partridge



Society of Asian Biblical Studies

The 2014 meeting of the Society of Asian Biblical Studies will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 23 to 25 June. One of the principal objectives of SABS is to foster biblical scholarship and research in Asia that takes seriously the Asian context—its cultures, religions and methodologies. It is therefore imperative that papers presented at this meeting are attempts to understand the Bible from varied Asian perspectives.  Proposals for papers that deal with our theme of Violence in the Human and Earth Community – Asian Biblical Response will be especially welcome.

Proposals must be submitted to or online at by December 30, 2013.


Name (as you would like it to appear in the program):

Mailing Address:


Please circle the area or topic to which you think your paper should belong:

Apocalyptic Literature, Asian/Pacific Biblical Hermeneutics, Biblical Archaeology, Bible and Disability Studies, Bible Translations, Ecology and the Bible, Economics and the Bible, Feminist Interpretations of the Bible, General Epistles, Historical Books, Historical Jesus, Historical-Critical Readings of the Bible, Johannine Studies, Pauline Studies, Literary Criticism of the Bible, Pedagogy and/of Biblical Studies, Pentateuch, Postcolonial Criticism of the Bible, Prophets, Psalms, Queer Criticism of the Bible, Reception and Recycle of Biblical Narratives, Synoptic Gospels and Acts, Wisdom Literature, Teaching the Bible in Asia.

Title of the Paper:

Language in which the paper will be presented:

Abstract (300 words or less):



2014 ANZATS Conference

The ANZATS 2014 Conference will be held from Saturday June 28 to Tuesday July 1, at the University of Note Dame, Fremantle WA

Theme: The Eclipse of God – Theology after Christendom

Speaker:    Professor Graham Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford University

Call for papers:

The Conference Planning Committee is pleased to invite all members of ANZATS, ANZSTS, and the theological and wider academic community to submit the title of their proposed presentation at this conference, together with an abstract of 250-300 words by Friday, February 28, 2014.

This should be accompanied by contact details: Name, institutional affiliation, postal address, phone number and email address. Please address submissions to Dr Matthew Malcolm: , or call Matthew on (618) 9228 9067.

Without intending to be restrictive, the theme draws particular attention to the relevance, way and task of theology after Christendom. More generally, it invites consideration of the place and relation of Christian faith and theology in a secular culture, and the kinds of formation required for faithful Christian witness in this environment. The Conference Committee invites papers from practitioners from all the theological disciplines which reflect on these and related issues.

Guidelines for papers proposals

1. Proposals should be about 200–250 words long and must include your full name, title, institution (or location), email address, telephone number, mobile phone number, and mailing address.

2. Give the proposed paper a title, state its aim, and indicate the line of argument it takes. It is important that you demonstrate how the paper fits within the relevant discussion, among scholars, within the church, and preferably both.

3. Let the steering committee know if you have an interest in creating a forum at the conference, for example to discuss a significant new book, to focus on a discrete area of specialisation, or to discuss recent trends in theological education.

4. If you plan to present your first paper at an ANZATS conference, you are asked to submit the entire paper by April 30. Attach your curriculum vitae or include in your cover letter any additional information that may help us weigh your submission.

5. The time allowed for each paper will be 30 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

6. It is important that you indicate whether you wish to use audio-visual equipment for your presentation, so that the appropriate room can be allocated.

7. The steering committee will give due consideration to all papers, even if not immediately related to the Conference theme. However, should the committee be required to limit the number of papers which can be presented, preference will be given to those papers which are more related to the Conference theme.

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