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This page offers information related to events and other resources to assist both students and teaching staff in their research projects.

Postgraduate Research Conference in Theology and Philosophy (Brisbane) – Wednesday, 2 October 2013

This is  the fourth in a series of annual postgraduate research conferences for postgraduate students in Theology and Philosophy. In the context of fostering research in Theology and Philosophy, the conference:

  • provides a forum for students to discuss their research among peers from across the sector;
  • provides a platform for students to be part of an emerging community of scholars here in Australia and the wider region;
  • provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills.

The conference is a collaborative project sponsored by Australian Catholic University, Australian College of Theology, Charles Sturt University, MCD University of Divinity and Sydney College of Divinity.

The conference will be held in three separate locations:

Enquiries to Professor James McLaren on 03 9953 3129 or

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