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ANZATS 2021 conference online this coming week

I am looking forward to the ANZATS conference online this coming week. There is still time to join us if you have not signed up already. The cost of participating this year is much lower as the conference is online. The Plenary sessions by Theological Ethics and we are pleased to welcome Professor Brian Brock (University of Aberdeen) and Dr Megan Best (Institute for Ethics and Society, University of Notre Dame, Australia) look very interesting. I am also looking forward to participating in some of the many interesting streams which include Barth StudiesCatholic EpistlesGeneralLiturgy & WorshipLukan ScholarshipNew & Emerging ScholarsPauline Studies & Early ChristianityReading the Bible in AustraliaTheological AnthropologyTheological EducationWorld Christianity and Diaspora Theology

Theological Genealogies of Modernity conference 8 to 11 July

Theological Genealogies of Modernity 8 to 11 July – free online conference. Genealogies of modernity are broad narrative accounts of the rise and nature of our present cultural condition. Theology nearly always features, in some way or another, in narratives about the formation of modernity, even if its role is just being a discourse and set of practices that was gradually marginalized by the onset of a more secular age. This conference gathers together an international team of scholars to explore genealogies of modernity sympathetically and to evaluate them critically. The contributors will discuss a range of important figures and focused topics, and they will pay special attention to stories that are often, though perhaps unhelpfully, understood as decline narratives—accounts of modernity that do not associate it unambiguously with progress…

Deputy Head of School of Philosophy and Theology in Western Australia

The University of Notre Dame Australia Western Australia is seeking to appoint a Deputy Head of School of Philosophy and Theology. This role support our teaching staff to deliver high quality teaching that is informed by research and incorporates innovative online learning activities and assessments to ensure a high level of student satisfaction and pastoral care. ..

Director of Chaplaincy and Ministry Development position

Lutheran Services Australia Brisbane, Queensland, is seeking applications for the Director of Chaplaincy and Ministry Development This person will provide expert advice to the CEO and Council of Lutheran Services on Theological, Ethics and Pastoral care matters. ..

On Monday a one day seminary by Gary Millar on the book of Deuteronomy

This coming Monday QTC Principal, Gary Millar is presenting a one day over view of the book of Deuteronomy. Gary has written and spoken extensively on the book of Deuteronomy in the past.
The lecture will start with an introduction to Deuteronomy, followed by Morning Tea. Gary will then discuss “Torah and Grace: Why the laws of Deuteronomy aren’t legalistic, and what they have to do with the Sermon on the Mount.” Lunch will be held at 12:35. Gary will then talk about the structure and message of Deuteronomy. To finish the day, Gary will discuss how to preach Deuteronomy: Deuteronomy 4 as a ‘worked’ example.” Regisration is at
As lunch will be provided, See some similar snippets by Gary at . and

Janette Gray PhD Scholarship 2021

Supporting the education and leadership of women in theology
This scholarship provides both a Research Fee Scholarship and Research Stipend Scholarship for up to three years, covering tuition fees (approximately $18,000 per annum) and a living allowance (approximately $28,600 per annum), to study a PhD in one of the disciplines of Theology at the University of Divinity.

Hadot, Spirituality and philosophy as a way of life seminar Tues April 20 online

The expression ‘philosophy as a way of life’ emerged in the writings of Pierre Hadot as a tool for making sense of some of those who are referred to as ‘ancient philosophers’. Perhaps unsurprisingly, however, it has since served as a source of inspiration for how philosophy might be conceived, and indeed rejuvenated, today. DATE: Tuesday, April 20 TIME: 1 PM Princeton time (EST) / 8 PM Bucharest time (GMT+2) (Must be about 3 am Australian time) PANEL: Hadot, Spiritual Exercises, and Philosophy as a Way of LifeSPEAKERS: Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest), Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest), Paul Lodge (University of Oxford) ABSTRACTS:Reading, meditation and enactment: Hadot’s formative exegetics Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest)In my paper I am trying to reassess some of Pierre Hadot’s contributions to the history of philosophy from the perspective of the ‘practice turn’ we are all living through in the later years (especially those of us dealing with history of science). I will be looking at a particular class of spiritual exercises (“imaginative spiritual exercises”) and show what we gain if we think of them as recorded (philosophical) practices. If you would like to participate in this fascinating seminary by zoom you can email for the zoom link

Michael Bird on the challenge of being relevant while avoiding the perils of modernizing Jesus

A valuable essay by Michael Bird on the tendency among researchers to modernize Jesus. It suggests a framework for doing historical Jesus studies which avoids the perils of modernizing Jesus but still emerges from the project with something to say about Jesus that is relevant to the contemporary world.

Dan Paterson on views of Hell

Dan Paterson is speaking tonight at Trinity College on how he went from writing his master’s thesis defending the traditional view of Hell as eternal conscious torment, to seeking a more healthy conversation about a topic very few Christians feel able, or even safe, to talk about.