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Bye-Bye Apocalypse: political theology for after the ends of worlds Online Zoom Webinar 20 November 2020 2 – 4 pm with Dr Janice McRandal SCD

Our current pandemic has not ushered in an unprecedented wave of apocalyptic discourse but reframed the material conditions under view. And yet the trajectory set by such scholars as Barth, Kassemann, Metz, Moltmann, Altizer – to name a few – has deployed the apocalyptic motif as a concept of immanent hope. In this paper, Dr Janice McRandal will suggest that such readings not only fail under their own interrogation of cosmic disorder, but also that these readings re-present the kingdom of God in terms of violent mimicry. By moving toward an account of apocalyptic as the end of history indeed, she will posit a political theology beyond the apocalypse, a theology for after the ends of such worlds.

UQ seminar Searching for an authentic Muslim self amidst racialization 30 October 2020 2–3:30 pm Presented by Dr Ryan Williams

Blackness’ found, ‘Whiteness’ lost, and ‘Muslimness’ hidden? Searching for an authentic Muslim self amidst racialization
30 October 2020 2:00pm–3:30pm
Presented by Dr Ryan Williams

In this talk I explore the processes of racialization among Muslims and the range of tactics they adopt in their pursuit of an authentic self. Drawing on fieldwork in English high security prisons, I detail how Muslims have intersectional identities that are fundamentally embodied which shape their experiences and practices.
Zoom Link:

Prepare for the BST Herman Bavinck conference by reading Cory Brock Orthodox yet Modern or Brock’s thesis

Prepare for the BST Herman Bavinck conference by reading Cory Brock (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh)
Orthodox yet Modern: Herman Bavinck’s Use of Friedrich Schleiermacher (Lexham, 2020).
In Orthodox yet Modern, Cory C. Brock argues that Bavinck acts as a bridge between orthodox and modern views, insofar as he subsumes the philosophical-theological questions and concepts of theological modernity under the conditions of his orthodox, confessional tradition. By exploring the relation between Bavinck and Schleiermacher, Orthodox yet Modern presents Herman Bavinck as a theologian eager to engage the contemporary world, rooted in the catholic and Reformed tradition, absorbing the best of modernity while rejecting its excesses. Bavinck represents a theologian who is at once orthodox, yet modern.
Brock is an assistant minister at First Presbyterian Church Jackson and lecturer in Christian Thought at Belhaven University.
You can read his thesis at

Proposals for the BST conference celebrating the centenary of Herman Bavinck due by 7 December

Proposals for the BST conference celebrating the centenary of Herman Bavinck (1854-1921), Brisbane School of Theology are due by 7 December, 2020 The two-day conference. has Five plenary sessions that will examine the contours of Bavinck’s theology, two roundtables will consider Bavinck’s relevance for contemporary Christianity, and short papers will address various aspects of Bavinck’s life, thought, and legacy. Brisbane School of Theology invites proposals for short papers (30 minutes) addressing any aspect of Herman Bavinck’s life, thought, and legacy.Please send an abstract of 500 words to the email address below, indicating institutional affiliation. Rev Dr Bruce Pass, Lecturer in Christian Thought and History & Director of Postgraduate StudiesBrisbane School of Theology Deadline: 7 December, 2020

Images of Vulnerability in Psalms 42-72 article by Danilo Verde of Leuven available on TRN

The dominant motif of repentance in psalms 42-72 makes the human condition of vulnerability emerge as the result of individual and collective misconduct, rather than as an intrinsic element of life. It will be argued that by exposing the suffering human body before the reader’s eyes and by vividly portraying the psalmists’ woundedness through powerful metaphors, the awareness of vulnerability is enhanced and the necessity of contrition and conversion becomes compelling and urgent. The Body Exposed and Other Images of Vulnerability in Psalms 42-72 from Volume 43, Issue 2 of Louvain Studies (LS). Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of KU Leuven Article by Danilo Verde available on TRN from October 21, 2020, to April 21, 2021

Morling College is seeking an E-Learning Developer

Morling College is seeking to appoint a suitable person as the E-Learning Developer, in the Morling Online team, to start immediately (or as soon as possible).  They will be responsible for developing engaging online learning resources and moodle activities and will work alongside the Online Educational Designer in designing and implementing educational scaffolding strategies and constructing authentic learning experiences. They will also be responsible for many of our QA processes and gathering and analysis of analytical data.

Job available, Tabor Adelaide Head of Leadership

Tabor Adelaide is looking to appoint a new Head of Leadership 0.5 FTE The Faculty of Ministry, Theology and Culture is committed to training people for Christian leadership – within and outside of the church. The Master of Leadership program is focused on the personal formation of individuals as leaders, and prepares people with the knowledge and skills needed for service in community service organisations, schools or churches.The role includes: Teaching and coordinating subjects in the applicant’s area of specialisation and expertiseOverseeing student academic pathwaysAcademic oversight and promotion of the Faculty’s postgraduate leadership coursesand Supporting and pastorally caring for students.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer I Practical Theology Lead

An exciting opportunity for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer I Practical Theology Lead to join team in 2021. This is a new position. As an expert in one of the standard areas of practical theology (e.g. pastoral, formation, spirituality, education), you will oversee the practical, pastoral, and applied aspects of our Theology degree programme.
On a day to day basis, will be responsible for teaching in your discipline alongside carrying out research in the Practical Theology field. You will also be actively involved in the college and community.
The location of this role could be at either our Auckland or Christchurch campuses and will be negotiated with the successful applicant. This role is full-time and reports to the Head of School (Theology).

Specifically, responsibilities will include:
Undertaking research-led undergraduate and postgraduate teaching (face to face and online)Contributing to the development, planning, revision and implementation of a high- quality, visionary curriculum.Publishing papers or other scholarly works in peer-reviewed academic sources or similarEngaging with the broader scholarly and professional communities, contributing to the wider research and professional environments.Supervising and supporting the research activities of postgraduate students.Participating in community service activities that advance the profile and reputation of College and engaging in the communal life and activities of the College…

Church minister (Senior Pastor) position with Korean Presbyterian Reformed Church (NSW, Australia)

Korean Presbyterian Reformed Church (NSW, Australia) are looking for a church minister (Senior Pastor) who is highly motivated in the Korean Christian/Cultural community in Sydney Area, for the spiritual needs of the church-members, particularly who have their cultural background in South Korea under the Christian doctrine of senior authority.

Interesting articles in the Evangelical Review of Theology A Global Forum August 2020

There are many interesting articles in the Evangelical Review of Theology A Global Forum Volume 44 • Number 3 • August 2020 including How to Advance the Kingdom without travelling, Christian Theology on Sexuality, Demystifying Gender Issues in 1 Timothy 2:9–15, Bringing God to Work, and Interreligious Dialogue