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Cross Institutional Studies

Many students find that cross-institutional studies offer an enriching addition to their theological studies.

While the exact processes differ from one institution to another (and can—at times—be confusing), taking a subject from another theological school offers a number of benefits:

  • access to subjects not offered a your home institution
  • ecumenical relationships with students and staff from other schools
  • encountering a broader range of lecturers and viewpoints
  • faster completion of your studies (e.g., “summer semester” classes)
  • greater flexibility in study schedules, including access to online learning

Students interested in pursuing cross-institutional studies first need to check with their home institution to see what scope for subjects from other schools is permitted under their degree rules.

Another practical matter to ask about concerns variations in the dates of academic terms, as these may differ from one system to another. It is also worth checking in advance just what the process will be for claiming the academic credit in your him program after completing this external class!

Here are some links to the cross-instutional studies pages on selected university web sites in case you wish to explore this option further: