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UQ Research Seminars

School of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics

Studies in Religion Seminar

Theology Series Program 2014

Note: Sessions begin at 2pm. Venue at UQ is TBA.



7th March  Anne Klose: ‘The Lord’s Supper as Multivalent Sacrament in an Australian Baptist Context’


4th April Aaron Ghiloni: ‘Mission Concepts in World Religions’


2nd May  Janice Rees: ‘The (Im) Material Body?: On Eucharist, Discipleship, and Subjectivity’

Clive Ayre: ‘Ecology and Diaconia’

6th June Sam Hey: ‘Contemporary Pentecostal Theologies and their Responses to Religious and Social Change’
1st August Neil Pembroke and Ray Reddicliffe: ‘The Healthcare Chaplain and Organizational Spirituality: Theology and Practice’
5th September David McEwan: ‘Love, Holiness and Happiness; But is the Greatest of These Love?’
3rd October David Pitman: ‘The Relevance of Reinhold Niebuhr for the Contemporary Academy and Church’
7th November Anita Monro: ‘“It’s such a shame you’re not in a congregation!” Reclaiming the Diaconal Role of the Presbyter’