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Early Christian Centuries Conference in Melbourne

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The forthcoming international conferences ‘Early Christian Centuries’ grow out of the activities of the Centre for Early Christian Studies at Australian Catholic University over the past twenty years and have become an integral part of the work of the Asia-Pacific Early Christian Studies Society, established in 2003.

Previously entitled ‘Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church’, these conferences encompass themes between the first and the seventh centuries, from Pauline literature, the New Testament, Jewish, Gnostic, pagan, late-antique, and proto-Islamic perspectives. There are opportunities for literature, art, architecture, liturgy, monasticism, philosophy, and the material remains of the early Christian centuries to be explored in these conferences, each of which has a theme.

Thursday, 3rd October – Saturday, 5th October 2013
115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy, Victoria
For more information, please follow the link to the websites below:,_institutes_and_centres/theology_and_philosophy/news/conferences/conferences_organised_by_the_faculty_that_occur_on_a_regular_cycle/early_christian_centuries_i

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