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Postcolonial engagement: Politics, Religions, Scriptures

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Call for papers

Proposals are invited for presentations that use postcolonial theory to engage with cultures, texts, traditions, teachings, rituals and/or practices in one of the following areas:

  • Politics
  • Religions
  • Scriptures

Deadline: Paper proposals should be sent by 31 Mar 2014 (see next page for instructions)

Conference information

Guest speakers

Sharada Sugirtharajah, Senior Lecturer in Hindu Studies, Department of Theology and Religion at University of Birmingham (follow link to further information), is author of Imagining Hinduism: A Postcolonial Perspective (Routledge 2003, link to review) and Religious Pluralism and the Modern World: An Ongoing Engagement with John Hick (MacMillan Palgrave 2012, link to synopsis) and other publications on women issues, interreligious relations, and disaporic Hinduism.

R. S. Sugirtharajah, Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics, Department of Theology and Religion at University of Birmingham (follow link to further information) author of The Bible and Asia: From the Pre-Christian Era to the Postcolonial Age (Harvard University Press 2013, link to review), Exploring Postcolonial Biblical Criticism: History, Method, Practice (Blackwell 2012) and many works on biblical and postcolonial criticism.

To submit a proposal, fill out the following table and attach to an email to Jenny Stockton ( before 31 March 2014

Surname, First name










Title of Presentation


Abstract (up to 300 words)






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