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The November 2013 issue of Colloquium  should be available in your college or associated library. Content includes the following:

  • Mark G Brett, Forced Migrations, Asylum Seekers and Human Rights
  • Kathleen P Rushton, The Cosmology of John 1:1-14 and Its Implications for Ethical Action in this Ecological Age
  • Tim Bulkeley, The Book of Amos and the Day of Yhwh
  • Terry Pouono, ‘Coconut Juice in a Coca Cola Bottle’. In Search of an Identity: A New Zealand Born Samoan in a Globalized World
  • Brian Harris, Thinking Faith and Faithful Thinking: A Response to Robyn Horner and Steven Tucker
  • Peter Sherlock, Public Theology and the University: A Response to Robyn Horner and Steven Tucker
  • Graham Paulson and Mark Brett, Five Smooth Stones: Reading the Bible through Aboriginal Eyes (occasional paper)
  • And a number of very fine book reviews.

The deadline for submissions to the November 2014 issue is 31 May 2014.

Please note, that Colloquium is available online through ATLA Serials.

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