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Symposium on the work of theologian Craig Keen

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United Theological College and the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PaCT) announce


After Crucifixion:

A Symposium on the Theology of Craig Keen


27-28 June, 2014

 Keen Book Cover


Keen’s writing is animated by a deep personal desire for an authentically kenotic

existence, and a longing for the coming of a community of women and men who

understand that they cannot live until they die. – Bruce L. McCormack



Central to Craig Keen’s work is the belief that human reflection on the mystery of God is always embodied. In his latest book, After Crucifixion, Keen shows that theology is structured by a pattern of embodied reflection and embodied giving. The theologian hears and believes the good news, but does not receive this gift as a possession to be retained: “a gift that will not become property is there to be given. To follow Christ is with him perpetually to be emptied.”


The symposium will explore Craig Keen’s contribution to contemporary theology, and will offer scholarly engagement with his work; Craig Keen will also present a lecture and will respond to papers.


Presenters include: Anita Monro, Benjamin Myers, and Janice Rees.




$70 (including Friday night dinner)



Friday, 27th June.

Symposium: 9am-6pm.

Dinner: from 6pm.

Saturday, 28th June

Symposium: 9am-12:30pm.



Send attached form to –

Keen Symposium

United Theological College

16 Masons Drive

North Parramatta

NSW 2151


KEEN Flyer

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