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UQ Theology Research Seminar

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Friday, 5 September 2014.

(Forgan Smith Building, room E319)

David McEwan

Love, Holiness and Happiness; But is the Greatest of These Love?
Given that much of Christianity emphasises the cross, self-denial andsuffering as key elements in spiritual formation, this seminar examines some of the implications of John Wesley’s theological focus on the love of God. The correlation between holiness, happiness and the centrality of love as the means to both is explicit in his writings. He agreed that while God used all of life’s circumstances to foster the spiritual life of the Christian, suffering was not essential. In the light of that understanding, he believed that God’s transforming work in human life and relationships was best accomplished by a full consciousness of his love, with the happiness and holiness that attends it.


D McEwan Seminar Sept 5_2014

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