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The next UQ Studies in Religion Theology Seminar will be held on Friday April 17 at 2pm – It features –

Neil Pembroke: ‘Pastoral Preaching as Therapy for Belief-Sickness: Lessons from the Philosophers, with Particular Reference to Søren Kierkegaard’  Neil’s paper offers a supplement to the conventional view of pastoral preaching. He suggests that along with construing the job as offering care and comfort in the face of psychological and existential crises, pastoral preaching may also profitably be interpreted as stimulating self-therapy for belief-sickness.

Janice McRandal: ‘The Slow Apocalypse: What Sort of Difference Does Girard Make to How We Read Apocalyptic Biblical Texts?’ In her paper, Janice challenges a view of the apocalypse as a divine invasion, akin to a well-intended colonial conquest.  Janice contends that Girard presents for us an alternative view of the apocalypse, a remapping that more acutely interrogates desire within hermeneutical moves, and situates cosmic ends within an ever unravelling, excessive knowledge of the Passion; that Girard’s reading destabilizes the masculinist symbol: ‘apocalypse’.

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