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UQ studies in religion seminars Aug 18, 2017

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Friday Aug 18, 2017, 2pm-4pm Room E319 in the Forgan Smith building (No. 1)

David McEwan.  ‘Unite the pair so long disjoined, knowledge and vital piety:’ what is the role of research in this process?
David shows how understanding the interrelationship between ‘knowledge’ and ‘vital piety’ is critical if we are to guide students in the task of implementing effective ministry in today’s multicultural and multi-faith environment.

Rena Macleod. ‘Psalm 22 and the Transformation of Male Victimhood and Violence: A Liberating Model of Interpretation’

Rena shows how reading this poem in its original language, through the combined lens of mimetic theory and feminist theory, of violence and victimhood disclosed in this text…so we may be liberated from them, while at once cultivating within the reader an ethical imagination of care grounded in the encounter with the victim. See the attached flier for details.



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