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Theology journal ranking review findings

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In the first half of 2019 a team of researchers headed up by Prof Paul Oslington at Alphacrucis College undertook a thorough review of the ERA journal ranking project begun by a panel of the Council of Deans of Theology about 7-8 years ago and updated every two years or so since then.

The findings of Paul and his team, which includes an analysis of their methodology, was published in the June issue of Colloquium, vol 51.1.  We have made the article publicly accessible through the link below:

This article reports on a project to expand the evidence base for Australian theological
research in two ways. Firstly, by preparing an evidence-based, expert informed
ranking of religion and theology journals. Secondly, by analysing Australian Research
Council grants in religion and theology, and benchmarking against other fields in
terms of grants awarded, success rates, relationship to staff numbers, and publications.
Some recommendations for enhancing the role of religion and theology research
emerge from this analysis. The project is set in the context of the history of Australian
theological research within the Australian higher education system.

Details of other articles in this edition can also be found here at

Volume 51:1 June 2019


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