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A lecture on Christianity and the Law with Prof Nicholas Aroney on Tuesday, 12 November

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OPEN LECTURE with Prof Nicholas Aroney. See the following flyer for details.

Date 2019 7pm – 9pm
Nicholas Aroney is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Queensland and a Fellow of the Centre for Law and Religion at Emory University. He has law degrees from the University of Queensland, a PhD from Monash University and he has held visiting positions at Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Edinburgh, Sydney, Emory and Tilburg universities.
He is the author of numerous articles and books on constitutional law, law and religion, and religious freedom, including The Constitution of a Federal Commonwealth (Cambridge, 2009), Shari’a in the West (Oxford, 2010) and The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia: History, Principle and Interpretation (Cambridge, 2015). He is currently editing a book entitled, Christianity and Law, due for publication in 2020. In 2017-18 he served on the Prime Minister’s Religious Freedom Review Panel which submitted its report in May 2018.

Please RSVP by Friday, 8 November, 2019 by visiting
For more information email
Theological Reflections on
Location Brisbane School of Theology Taylor Room
1 Cross Street Toowong, Qld, 4066 P 07 3870 8355
the Nature and Function of Law
Nicholas Aroney Lecture Flyer (1),


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